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Little Special Things

By Momal Mushtaq | February 26, 2010 | 0 Comment


Developing unique, creative and yet affordable gifts has been my favourite activity. I can recall innumerable instances from my past when I sat down, peaceful and calm, and pondered over the possibilities. Other times, however, it was sudden and instinctive. I’ve always termed my surprise gifts as “little special somethings”. I’m, though, well aware of the fact that they’ve the power to leave an everlasting impact, to constitute the best moments of a life. On these grounds, it’d be unfair to term them as “little”.

Today, wholeheartedly, I try to pen them down; my cherished creative endeavours.

For my Papa
Being a subjective person, my father cannot surrender to objectivity. Always, even on his birthdays, he’d go to bed early. 12 a.m. was never considered the beginning of the day. And, unfortunately, we’d lost the charm of wishing birthdays at this hour of the day. That’s when I came up with a plan, a day before Papa’s birthday. The whole family furtively gathered in a single room in his absence. Maliciously, the birthday song was sung and recorded on Papa’s cell phone. With more such malice, the alarm was set at precisely 12 a.m. with the recording as the alarm tone. I wonder how it would feel to be awakened in pitch darkness by invisible, yet familiar singing voices. Memorable, no?

For my best friend
It was one of the most pleasant moments of my life. The most exotic beauty of nature, in the form of snow, lay all around me. Life seemed perfect. Not for long, nevertheless. Suddenly the thought struck me: I’d missed my best friend’s birthday. For a few moments, I was slightly upset. Finally, to make up for it, I smirked as I devised an excellent scheme. Using a twig, I carefully carved the words: “I’M SORRY I MISSED IT,” on the seemingly cold, white puffs of cotton. A luminous flash of Camera-cum-Phone and the MMS was on its way to dazzle my friend.

For a writer
Every writer needs a reader. For him, the gift of acknowledgement is worth a king’s ransom. Keeping these pearls of wisdom in mind, I sat down to work on a present for my friend; a writer. His publications, that I’d kept safe, were carefully and artistically pasted on coloured sheets of paper. It took me over four hours to put the pieces together. The result, however, was worth it – a book, titled “The Revival of Printed Reminiscences”, 40-50 paged, spiral bound, with alternate sheets of maroon and peach coloured paper, was simply exquisite.

For my key pals
Ecards have become quite common these days. They hardly leave a long-lasting impact. Since I’ve always disapproved of them, I developed the habit of making Ecards myself. Of course they’ve never been as good as those available on different websites; they’ve, however, been truly special.

For Astha
Once, during our Mathematics class, I don’t know, seriously, what came over me that I took a piece of paper and passed it around. My classmates were asked to sign in for an Indian key pal of mine, namely Astha. The females took special interest, which was depicted through the inclusion of cute drawings along with their messages. The males, however, were noticeably reluctant. Anyway, it was a perfect recipe to bring a smile on Astha’s face.

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re too preoccupied with our busy lives to spare a few moments and arrange a surprise gift for people we care about. It takes a bit of an effort and we simply think it’s not worth it. Why indulge in arranging a surprise gift and expend our time into it? What we fail to realise is that such deeds make huge impact on a person’s life. Their significance can be depicted through Julia A. Fletcher Carney’s words,

Little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Make our world an Eden
Like the Heaven above.

Consequently, I suggest the readers to spare some time for their loved ones and leave cherished moments behind, for opportunities are endless and life is too short.

Originally published in Us Magazine on 26.02.2010

Momal Mushtaq

I am a passionate women's rights activist and an aspiring social entrepreneur from Pakistan. My work in development and media communications, with focus on youth and gender equality, has been recognized by global awards, including a first place award from the United Nations.


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